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The Chronicles of a Future Cougar [entries|friends|calendar]
Leah Tard

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[18 Mar 2007|10:07am]
[ mood | busy ]

ok i never write in this thing but it has been suggested to me that i should update.

last weekend was courtney's bday in toronto - read her lj for what happened. good times. i just read it and she forgot about that protest which we thought was a parade and that stupid girl with her jellyfish scar in the super huge line up. i was really happy to see haley and olga since i haven't seen them in a long time.

i am sad that tiggers burned down! i was there the night before with josh and bobby too. we met some nice people and had a good time playing pool. it was the lady who owns it's bday (saturday) too. i hate when bad things happen to good people. i hope they figure out how it happened soon.

guess i'll be at boilers more now until the weather gets nice enough for hess.

career talk - one of the opthalmology tech's wants to get me set up to become one as well. so this week i'm going to figure out where i should take the course and all that kinda stuff. should be exciting but hard since i work full-time hours. she wants to help teach and train me to work there as well.
more moneeeeeey wooooo.
but so much work considering i hardly have any spare time at all as it is.

i'll update again in another 6 months.

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i quit! [14 Sep 2006|08:31pm]
[ mood | relaxed ]

i started my shift today in the ER and just decided it was not for me. too much chaos and when you're still in training it's a pain in the ass 'cause u don't know what to do. so i left at 6 (started at 4). emailed my bosses - a nice email. thank god for the union i get to go back to my old job.
the other shifts there were great but it seems it's all who you work with which made me in a good mood.
the hours were all weird but now i'm going back to the 9-5 type days.
ahh well.

last weekend i played my woman's league baseball tournments. we came in 3rd or 4th i duno. but i hit a few triples and got a hand injury. that night we went to these people on my mixed leagues place for a party. the one is in a band so they played. 11:15 the cops came. it was fun, i love the people on my baseball teams!

tomorrow, this weekend and next are the mix league tournaments. i love baseball i need a sport for the winter to stay in shape. anyone wanna join anything?

also the new h&m's ok...........a few things that look like clown costumes there but other than that i bought 3 new shirts for work and 2 necklaces. shopping makes me so excited.

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emergency! [07 Sep 2006|08:51pm]
[ mood | drained ]

today was my first shift in the ER.
it was a 12 hour shift.
went by so fast. it was great and got to work with a fun girl!
the ambulance guys were hilarious with the biohazard stickers.
not sure if i should stay there or take my old job back yet. i still have 4 more training shifts then i picked up another shift.

i am so tired!

another shift tomorrow then about 6 baseball games to play over the weekend!

other new things with me - went to my cottage yet again for the long weekend. good times and i got some new shoes and clothes.
hung out with sherr's and had sushi fun this week too.

h&m opened in limeridge today!!!!!!!!

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Threat Signal [26 Aug 2006|01:00pm]
[ mood | crazy ]

go see my cousins tonight at the underground!
should be a fun show!!!!!!


----> check it out.

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ridin' dirty [26 Jul 2006|11:05pm]
this is fun

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You Are A:Dork
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been busy doing lotsa fun stuff.
got the ER job (obviously! yay more pay!)
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25 [09 Jul 2006|11:31pm]
[ mood | mellow ]

-turned 25 on july 1st
-was at my cottage with josh, my family and my cuz's, their friends and gf's = busy
-partied lots
-stupid eh-team band was playing at bar so we didn't want to go. i told them off last year about playing nickelback.
-too much fun i didn't wanna come home

-this weekend was cristinas bday extravaganza (HAPPY BDAY TODAY TO YOU!)
-fri after baseball - went to her place - girls night
-saturday me, cristina, haley and olga went to emerald lake, good day i'll go back!
-night we went to the jam space, met some nice new people
-lotsa old friends showed up
-went to the doors
-after that to janjan's

-josh and i hung out today, yay for steaks!

-back to work tomorrow after my week and a half off....boo!
-interview in the ER

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baseball [25 Jun 2006|10:00pm]
what a busy weekend!
friday after work we played at globe park. we lost, woo!
that night josh and i went to dan's place. cristina, janice, haley and melissa were there! then they went to hess and dave and melody showed up! stayed out late.
baseball tournament weekend!
had to get up early for 2 baseball games. i'm starting to play very well again. we won both of those games. after the last one of the day this like 17 year old kid goes zooming around on his bike (we find out he was on some ontario bike racing thingy) almost hitting some dogs and people. acting like a real jackass, he goes flying over to the dirt road (we played at rosedale) and a car hits him. he went flying 10 feet in the air. he broke his leg and his bike. so we all run over some idiot adults were saying to move him off the road. thank god josh was telling them not to. i thought it was common knowledge that you don't move people after accidents like that. so people were looking for their cells, so i called 911, gave it to some guy to give directions. a firetruck, ambulance and a cop showed up a few min later.
after that me, josh, mel, and greg go to randy and louise's house. i should not have brought chocolate martinis that we did like 10 shots each off. louise was singing, "put it my mouth, my mother fucking mouth." if anyone knows that song........but it was a good evening. we were nicely drunk.
this morning we had to be at a 10am game. she was so hungover so we got there singing that song. we won 2 of the 3 games today! and we were asked to go to provincials in london if the team wants to.
it was a fun weekend 'cause i love playing baseball and i'm getting much better. the coach asked me to join her woman's league but then i'd be playing too much.
gunna watch a movie now and then 2 days of work and i'm on vacation! YAY!
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hey kids [22 Jun 2006|10:56pm]
ok i never update but whatever.
been busy volunteering, working, playing baseball, hanging with josh.
got 2 job offers today i turned down. i don't even remember applying for the jobs but they didn't sound that great compared to the one i have right now where i can work as much or as little as i'd like. 3 more shifts and i'm taking a week and a half vacation. going to my cottage for my 25th bday and all that shit. should be fun lotsa people will be there.
oooh the girls who like ryan gosling sorry he's off the market i guess him and that girl from the notebook are getting married (my mom works with his mom and they signed a copy of the notebook which they played for the people on my mom's ward tonight).
i'm so glad it's friday tomorrow.
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[31 May 2006|11:02pm]
[ mood | calm ]

tues afternoon me, my mom, my sis and bro went to toronto for my dad's 25th work anniversary. we were there to surprise him. got there and seen we were staying at the nicest hotel. classy times. we meet up with a lady who is running the evening and she tells us that one of us needs to say a speech with a slide show of pics that we sent in earlier this month. i could see no one else wanted to so i said that i would. ahhh! this is just a couple hours before we have to meet up with everyone.
so my dad's work pays for us to have lunch at one of the restaurants at the hotel. they make the best rum and cokes EVER. leah drink! (strong). the food was great too.
we go back to the room and get ready for this meeting at a restaurant down the street. we almost had a run in with my dad in the elevators which would have ruined the surprise but he didn't see us and we got on another one.
we meet up with another family and have some drinks.
around 5:30 limos pull up and we are off to the harbour for dinner and the presentation on a boat. (hmmm haven't thought of anything to say for my speech yet!).
the people from my dad's work were taking a bus to the harbour. they took my dad off the bus and said they were going to walk to the harbour. and then he came to the limo and was surprised to see us. so we opened champange and drove around toronto for a bit.
when we show up all you can see is all his co-workers on this boat drinking champagne at the side waving and clapping. people at this restaurant by the harbour had their cameras out because they prolly thought we were famous. it was fun getting out with all these people clapping and taking pics. felt like a movie star for a few min. the people at the restaurant are probably disapointed! wasting film oh well.
met my dad's co-workers, they're awesome and hilarious. more drinks....no speech yet.....
island rhythms on the other boat!
dinner time, presentations, my turn up.....thank god it went well and i was funny. i just made picture comments. almost started to cry, it went well. i'm just glad i did that for my dad and he really appreciated it. after everyone was telling me how good my speech was. phew!
lot of fun but too much happened to write about.
after a long fun night we went back to the hotel.
his work also paid for our breakfast, bloody over 100 bucks.
shopped, came home.

also happy 9 months to me and josh! <3

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have a good time the sun can't shine everyday [27 Apr 2006|12:22am]
[ mood | loved ]

i hate when vacations are over! but it's good to be back i guess!
florida was awesome, the best weather! high 80's and low 90's all week. on the drive down i was excited to see the crusty hotel yorba (think white stripes) in detroit.
my vacation in point form -
-went on a casino cruise, seen some live music, didn't play any machines but did score myself 3 free drinks.
-lounged around my pool lots and swam.
-drank lotsa beers on free beer/bbq day at my condo
-shopped - got myself some nice clothes
-went to daytona beach, swam in the ocean (augh banana hammocks!)
-went to universal at night for dinner, some band was playing that was really good and my aunt asked the lead singer for a pic 'cause he looks like the drummer from my cuz's band
-everyone knows some weird dance down there it's like the new macarena or something it's insane - goes something like this - "step to the left, jump to the right, hands on yer hips and cha cha cha" it's like rap and bad dance music mixed together i bet they play this at wedding receptions. oh i took a picture for proof.
-got a tan which will probably be faded by the time i see anyone!
-went to old town which is like a carnival but with good rides, stores and bars. people were awesome at karaoke. a lady threatened my aunt 'cause her gross bubblebutt dipshit boyfriend was hitting on her lol.

theres other stuff i can't think of now but it was fun and relaxing. i love my condo there.

glad to come home to see josh mostly!

time for bed!

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i guess i'll update [13 Apr 2006|11:58pm]
[ mood | excited ]

last week my sis, her bf and some of his friends went out. i swear the cab driver on our way home was nardwuar (looks and his laugh!). it was a good night.
josh and i signed up for baseball tonight. it should be fun. we met some people on the team and it seems like it should be quite fun. beeeeer while playing yay!!!!
that's what baseball is all about.
hope everyone has a good long weekend.
augh i still have more packing to do.
and as i say every time i go on vacation cya later stinktown.

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drunk courtney is awesome! [12 Mar 2006|10:15pm]
[ mood | weird ]

absinthe last night for the wife's bday party. she's so fun drunk. nice to see lotsa people i have not seen in quite some time there as well. danced a bit, had some drinks, watched a band.

i just don't get super hammered anymore. (i say as i'm drinking wine that my dad made)

janice asked me to watch her dog today for a few hours. he is so hyper 'cause he's a puppy. josh and i took him for a walk and came home with mud all over my jeans. after janice and i went out for lattes. i think i'll stick to having cats, you don't have to give them so much attention.

tomorrow after working at mcmaster (will we finally meet up for lunch cristina!?!?! 12-1!!!) i'm going to sherr's house for sushi and going to either the thirsty cactus or the collins.

thinking i might take off to florida for a week next month with my mom, aunts and my neighbour sally from the cottage. it'll be exactly 1 year that week from when i've had more than a few days off in a row. not sure if i should go yet.

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99 problems but a shirt ain't one [28 Feb 2006|09:22pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

today after work i went shopping with danielle, got a cool shirt.

only 1 annoying person at work today. i asked him to spell his street name he took my pen and then wrote it on something i told him not to and i asked for it back and he said he gave it back as i seen him throw it into a kids toy box thing. then i had to take him back to a patients room and i told him to just pick a room he then sat in the dr's chair and i asked him what he was doing and he told me he was waiting for me to make a decision for what room to go into. i just told him i already told him and put him in the crappier one. i think middle age people have something against me these past few weeks.

other than that, good weekend. had a poker party at josh's. we ended up winning the last game! yeah!
drank lots woo. next night kat and dave came over for dinner.

gunna watch a movie at josh's tonight. that weatherman movie with nicholas cage. damn well better be good.

sat hangin' with sherr's! if anyone wants to come call me sometime this week 'cause i'm hardly on the net!!!!!!!!!!


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the inside of future shop smelled like farts [09 Feb 2006|11:23pm]
[ mood | cheerful ]

today was a good day. good times at work and had some visitors which always makes the day better.
danielle and i went shopping - i think i've said that a million times! but we're so good at it.
there's a knitting club that goes to starbucks. danielle's going to join but she can only make scarves so they would probably just kick her out.
it was fun sitting in her room talking and looking through her books. it's a good library for me to go to. we stalked nic and kristen at value village as well.

also this week i hung out with sherr's. we went to tiggers. there was some nerd with tare away pants. some old dude kept giving her money to put on old songs on in the jukebox but we just put on songs we liked that were new.

cristina i'll be at mcmaster tomorrow - if u read this look up my extension (under the clinic name) or find it out from switchboard! i go for lunch 12-1! i'll also be there one day next week - the 15th.

yay almost the weekend!

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my face looks like a potato [27 Jan 2006|12:04am]
[ mood | relaxed ]

man i've had such a good time sitting on my ass doing nothing. it's great. i usually get bored so easily but i've been fine.
josh and sherr's came to visit yesterday. sherr's was so nice and gave me a card that said happy healing homo and some mcdonalds things. josh got me some magazines.
this morning i woke up and the right side of my face was huge and swollen. it's funny.
josh called and said he was going to his friends place but showed up at my place with a coffee and we sat around my house watching tv for a few hours. i know he wanted to make fun of my face but he only made 1 joke.
started cleaning my room......
exciting news - my mom and sis found me the necklace i have wanted for quite some time! i found it a few times but it was too expensive, but now i have it! it's a horseshoe one - think sex and the city.
getting your wisdom teeth out is great.

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chipmunk cheeks [25 Jan 2006|02:56pm]
[ mood | numb ]

i got my wisdom teeth out this morning!
it was okay i guess. i love anaesthesia.
the dr said i was sleeping beauty - obviously! j/k.
and my heart rate was only 44! holy relaxed!
don't have to go back to work til next wed unless i wanna go back earlier.

that numb pic of the cat isn't how i feel! i'm not sad! i just can't feel my cheeks or chin right now. it's great.

well josh is coming over soon to see my fat face and sherr's shall be here later with pudding! yippeeeeee!

p.s. i'm totally catching up on soap operas.

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stolen from undefinedstar wooo [16 Jan 2006|11:00pm]
oh sherr's
and what else can i say about those bj sisters...geez.

Dear Cupid,

This year, I've had my ups and downs in the love department.

In order to pay for school I sold myself on eBay to Sherrberries.
Samram and I used breath mints as an aphrodisiac.
I was helping Dazedrobot upgrade their computer and discovered 6 gigs of porn on their hard drive.

So as you can see it's been a hectic year. Can you please make Neonsunflower hook up with me this Valentine's day?


Take this Quiz at QuizUniverse.com
( or, take the 'clean' version at QuizGalaxy.com )
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wolfmother - feb 17 - sherr's is making me go! yay! [15 Jan 2006|07:57pm]
[ mood | okay ]

pretty good weekend
fri me, josh and dan went to dave's and kathryns for some drinks. her bro showed up in a pink shirt so they made fun of him lots. sometimes i think i like pink shirts on guys but i made fun of him anyways.
sat josh and i rented a room in the falls and went to our bar that's like the adult chucky cheeses' with arcade games, pool tables, and bowling while u drink. i had a good time. we won some dumb prizes and i was drunk and really wanted this ring so i got it.
today we went to the old casino. i like the newer one better. wait i hate casinos and never spend money in them. they're boring and i don't get the big attraction. i find i'm always really grumpy if i have to be in one.
back to the 9-5 tomorrow *sigh*

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party time excellent [08 Jan 2006|07:48pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

well i went to a bar last night! tailgates. cristina came over and we drank some then me her, my sis and clintoris went downtown. i'm so glad i went out i ran into people i haven't seen in quite some time. some of those include - jill (my college buddy), sherrs, stephanie, jonga, matt, sarah, sandy, ryan, his gf, brian and some other friends of friends.
the one girl who was getting married was telling me she knows me and i said she looked familiar. why can't i remember people that well.
the night was alright i got super hammered.
on the way home me and cristina went to the t-ho's near our place and the girl that i talk to was working and she gave us free cookies. yay!
today i had the worst hangover.
now i remember why i don't get shit faced that often anymore.

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happy new years douchbags! [02 Jan 2006|02:18pm]
[ mood | happy ]

hope everyone had a fun new years! i did. me josh and janice went to sherr's. yes that's right she's back woohaw!

some of our friends were there and her family we drank and ate and stuff. vegimite is gross. tim tams aren't gross. WOLFMOTHER! i had a pretty good night. val (joey's gf) was saying i like balls a lot all night. we took lotsa stupid pics. kenny, steve, and stephanie were there too. sherr's cuz was naming bands she likes and asks us if we knew them and i said "yeah we may be old but we're not mentally retarded."

last night i went back to sherr's and we went to the thirsty cactus. i let her mom drive us there in my car and now she wants one like it. we played songs we like and drank beers. some old man asked us if our parents knew we were there. we're like uhh yeah her mom drove us here. what a retard we're in our mid-twenties. but good to know we're still looked at as being young! we used fiji money in the pool table and it worked.

i think i may be going on a nice holiday with sherr's, her mom and tim in february.........dominican republic?????

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